One type of project I love to do are portraits.  Especially of individuals or couples.  I can take several photos containing members of a family and create a family portrait.  Below are a few of the portraits that I have done.  I can also create a portrait of many of your favorite celebrities, movie stars, musicians, NASCAR drivers, athletes, and more.

Something that I think also fall under the portrait catagory are the U.S. Military Branch Logos. 


To have an individual, couple or family portrait done please contact me before sending pictures.  There are a few requirements that will produce a much more accurate finished portrait.



Number of People in Portrait
Frame or Un-Framed



Number of Celebrities in Portrait
Frame or Un-Framed
Celebrity or Group's Name



All Branches of the US Military are available as well as many of the more popular Unit Crests (i.e. 82nd, 101st, 1st Cav, etc.)


Military Branch
Add Your Unit Info




Do you have a corporate logo or custom idea that you would like to have created?  Send me your logo or custom request.  Pricing will depend on complexity of the finished design.








Here are some ideas for the endless possibilities that we can create together.  Contact me and we can handcraft it.