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HandcraftedandHomemade.com is located in China Grove, North Carolina.  China Grove is a quaint small agricultural area within Rowan County.  Ross and Darlene have long been fond of handcrafted and homemade items.  It always seems that the most appreciated gifts we have given or received are from the heart and handcrafted.  Each and every item we have available is handcrafted and homemade.  There will never be any two items exactly alike. 

When it comes to wood, there is always a feeling of warmth and richness that cannot be felt with other artistic mediums.  No matter where you look there is always some sort of wood work, whether the décor is contemporary, colonial, industrial and especially rustic.  All of Ross' turnings begin as a raw piece of timber.  Ross lets each piece of wood reveal the art within, instead of trying to make it become something.  His scroll saw work is just another way of expressing the beauty within the wood.
Darlene began crocheting as a young girl and has continued since.  As a successful REALTOR (www.RisForRealEstate.com) in the Cabarrus/Rowan area of North Carolina, many of her clients have received one of her warm and cozy afghans as a closing gift. 
Our "Family" consists of four Great Pyrenees "puppies" (Zeus, Thor, Angel and Bella), two miniature horses (Miss Fancy and Buster Brown) a flock of 40 laying hens and a rooster named Strut, three Sicilian Donkeys (Rosie and Josie, Posie), three pygmy goats (Geta, Miley and Abby), three fainting goats (Venus, Buttons and Judge), Sir Paul the sheep, and our two absolutely spoiled house cats (Miss Thang and Butterscotch).  They all bring us many hours of amusement.  We especially enjoy the taste of the farm fresh eggs that are collected every day.  Our chickens are fed an all natural corn grain feed in addition to free ranging.   
So now that you know a little about us, get comfortable and browse our website to find the perfect gifts for everyone you know.
And by the way, we are always happy to assist you any way we can.  If you have any questions, comments, or special requests, we can be reached at:
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