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For the "Big Kid" in those of us that ride...  Order a Miniature Motorcycle that resembles YOUR bike.  I can make nearly any make or model.  If you ride a one of a kind custom all I need is a straight on profile picture of both sides and I can make it.  Just don't let the boss catch you day dreaming about being out riding.  These miniature replicas measure approximately 4" tall and 6" long and the base is approximately 3" wide.


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Hobby Hogs - Toddlers Rocking Motorcycles


 For the Little ones...  These Rocking Motorcycles are sure to be handed down to your grand children's grand children.  These sturdy motorcycles get great milage, are easy and inexpensive to insure and maintain.

 For Your Independent Little Biker that likes to ride solo...  There is the Classic Rocker without the sidecar.

Or for Your Little Biker that likes to take company along...  There is the side car option.  The side car is a great place for the teddy bear (dressed in appropriate riding leathers of course).  The Side car option is also a great addition to the true motorcyclist's home as a plant stand (believe me you wouldn't be the first).

Then for your Little Biker that is into those especially long tours, there is the Full Dresser model.  This bike has the classic bat wing front fairing, saddle bags and a tour pack.  The tour pack even opens and is sized to carry a couple of juice boxes (you never know if there will be a store around to get a drink to wash down the road dust from a long ride).

I can also create a custom ride consisting of any configuration or combination of the above models.

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I have a variety of different versions available of most of the popular motorcycle logos.  Shown are the most popular Harley Davidson versions.  The Flaming Eagle on the Bar and Shield is also available as a Screaming Eagle.  Due to the endless possiblities of layouts, bound only by Your imagination, please contact me and we can design a custom piece especially for you.  More options coming soon.

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